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Lyndhurst Lumber offers custom millwork for your cutting and milling needs. If you require a unique wood or timber product made to your specifications, we can handle the job for you. Our versatile sawyers and dependable equipment allow us to fabricate products, whether they take a few simple cuts or a series of complex curves.

Timber Mill Services

Bring your raw logs to us or purchase your choice of wood from our extensive stock. We offer milling services for both softwood and hardwood timbers and work with you to ensure we understand exactly what you’re looking for before the first cut is made.

No job is too large or small for our experienced team, and our helpful staff is available to answer questions and make suggestions regarding your project. Whether you’ve reclaimed timber and wish to mill it into a table or other furniture or have logs you need cut into boards for your building projects, we’ll help you achieve your goals, including kiln drying for logs and timber.

Circular saw cutting wood plank

Custom Cutting And Drilling Millwork

Some custom millwork involves complicated cutting and drilling requirements, and we pride ourselves on our customer service in this and other areas. Here are some examples of the breadth of our cutting and drilling production capabilities:

  • Predrilled posts and fence boards
  • Timbers cut for use in a timber fender
  • Trusses and beams to match an existing structure
  • Corbels and rafter tails
  • Custom mantels
  • Special cabinet doors
  • Logs precut to specific lengths

Special Finishes And Surfaces

Because we know how important it is to match the existing elements or to realize the vision of our customers, we also have a variety of finishes available for your raw timbers. Surface and finish options include:

  • Rough-cut, sanded or planed smooth
  • Hand-hewn or distressed
  • Painted or stained
  • Pressure-treated

Contact Us

Whether you need to produce dozens or hundreds of finished products, our custom millwork gives you the flexibility you need to complete your building or other projects. Contact Lyndhurst Lumber today by calling (440) 442-1616, or visit us online.