elegant stair railing

Stair railings add a layer of safety to stairways in your home, and at Lyndhurst Lumber, we make sure they’re installed correctly. Our design team is here to help you choose elegant stair railings that add eye-catching appeal to your decor. Then, our installation team comes in and does the heavy lifting to make sure everything meets building codes to keep your family and guests as safe as possible when using the stairs.

Stairways and Stair Railings

Stairways and railings do more than just connect two floors in a building. They provide a way for you and your family to comfortably navigate inside your home. Lyndhurst Lumber understands how important that is, and we make it a priority to ensure you can use your stairway safely. Whether you need secure, steady stairs built or custom handrails installed to add an element of your personality to the stairwell, we’re here to make sure the job is done correctly.

Workmanship You Can Trust

We send a team of professionals to install your stairways and railings, and you can count on us to stand behind the work we do. Our team ensures everything is installed correctly and that it looks the way it’s supposed to look. The Lyndhurst Lumber Guaranteed Installation policy assures you of the work being done to your satisfaction. Plus, our work is covered under the guarantee for a full year.

Materials You Can Trust

Lyndhurst Lumber is a supplier for some of the top brands of building supplies, and our professionals are available to install everything we carry. What that means for the stairways and railings in your home is that we deliver the level of safety your family needs. Our custom railings are designed specifically to meet your design needs, so you enjoy a touch of exclusiveness along with a high level of stairway safety.

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At Lyndhurst Lumber, we make sure every job performed adds value to your home. We use only the best materials, and our team includes professional design specialists and installation professionals with the skill to create the effect you want. Call us today at (440) 442-1616 to speak to someone right away, or fill out our online contact form and someone will get with you as quickly as possible.