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Newly Renovated Bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Services In Lyndhurst, Ohio

Are you tired of seeing the same drab décor and outdated fixtures in your home’s bathroom? Lyndhurst Lumber is here to help with comprehensive bathroom renovation tools and expertise. Having served the Greater Cleveland area for nearly a century, we’re confident that we’ll leave your full or half bath looking better than ever.

Why Should You Renovate?

It’s often believed that renovation and remodeling projects are entirely the same. There are differences, however, and these differences are important to note when deciding how you’re going to pursue your home improvement goals. The primary distinction is that, while remodeling tends to involve demolition and reconstruction to provide more comprehensive, structural alterations, renovation typically only involves visual upgrades, such as flooring, paint, light fixtures and other cosmetic enhancements. Since it’s usually less drastic, renovating a house typically costs less than remodeling, although it still enhances resale value with the added aesthetic appeal.

Bathtub in Newly Remodeled Bathroom
Men Renovating Bathroom

Renovating With Lyndhurst Lumber

If you’re ready to renovate your bathroom, get in touch with Lyndhurst Lumber, and we’ll help you through each and every step of the process. If you’re planning to upgrade your vanity, storage cabinets or medicine cabinets, you’ve come to the right place. Within our extensive collection of bathroom-friendly cabinetry, we have a vast range of brands, including featured offerings from Medallion cabinetry, Legacy, 4B Wood, Shiloh and Kitchen Kompact. You can browse cabinets made from various wood species, as well as laminate and other materials.

If you’d like to add a luxurious touch to your bathroom, consider integrating custom tiling into the mix. Whether used throughout your entire bathroom, in the shower or around your sink, this classic design element delivers a one-of-a-kind look and is available in an impressive range of colors and styles. Lyndhurst Lumber also offers custom flooring solutions to add a unique touch to your project. Finalize your bathroom renovation project by choosing compatible paint for your walls and stains for your cabinetry, and then selecting chic light fixtures.

Comprehensive Home Improvement Solutions

Is your bathroom outdated? Could your kitchen use a bit of work? Lyndhurst Lumber, located in Lyndhurst, Ohio, is equipped to provide you with top-notch home renovation services. Begin planning your project today by requesting a quote via our online form or reaching out to one of our design specialists at (440) 442-1616.