Bathtub in Newly Remodeled Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Services In Lyndhurst, Ohio

With nearly a century of experience in providing the Lyndhurst area with trusted home improvement solutions, Lyndhurst Lumber has become a go-to name in local residential construction. If you’re hoping to enhance your living space while boosting its resale value in the long run, consider remodeling your bathroom with Lyndhurst Lumber.

Why Should You Remodel?

Although remodeling and renovating are often assumed to be the same thing, there are differences worth noting. Whereas renovations mostly deal with cosmetic updates, remodeling projects delve deeper into the home through demolition of existing spaces and reconstruction to better suit the homeowner’s needs. Remodeling your bathroom goes well beyond an updated look, allowing you to make changes from the ground up.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, Lyndhurst Lumber can provide you with the full package. A comprehensive remodeling project allows us to uncover leaky pipes, mold and mildew buildup or a plethora of other potential problems that might be hiding beneath the surfaces of your older bathroom. After these issues are addressed, we’ll be able to build your bathroom – which can include expansions, plumbing enhancements and other structural changes – before applying the aesthetic finishing touches.

Newly Remodeled Bathroom
Sink in Newly Remodeled Bathroom

The Little Details

In addition to construction services, Lyndhurst Lumber can also provide you with both design schemes and products. Are you seeking to integrate new cabinetry into the design of your freshly remodeled bathroom? Take a look at our cabinet collection, which boasts a variety of notable brands, styles and materials. If you’re aiming for a change of atmosphere, make sure to consider custom flooring and shower tiling, which can provide a look of sophistication. Elegant light fixtures offer another unique way to add an element of warmth to your upgraded bathroom. Finally, wrapping up the project is simple – you can choose from our wide variety of paints and stains to tie everything together.

Enlist Lyndhurst Lumber For Your Next Bathroom Project

Is your home in the Greater Cleveland area desperately in need of a touch-up? Lyndhurst Lumber can help you out. Whether you’re looking for high-quality home improvement products or you’re ready for a full-scale remodel, our experienced team is armed with the tools and expertise to bring your ideas to life. To learn more or request a quote for your project, get in touch by filling out our online form or calling us at (440) 442-1616.